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Wealth of Nations.png Wealth of Nations
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Release date / Patch
2014-05-29 / 1.6

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Europa Universalis IV: Wealth of Nations expansion feature spotlight by EU4's project lead Thomas "Besuchov" Johansson.

The Wealth of Nations expansion DLC was announced on 2014-01-27[1] and was released on 2014-05-29. The expansion focuses on trade and conflict drivers.

Expansion features

  • Covert diplomatic actions to create trade conflicts
  • Introduction of state-sponsored pirates, also known as privateers
  • Designation of a specific port as the main trade capital
  • Improved trading in inland nodes
  • Introduction of trade companies
  • Hindu and Norse rulers can pick personal deities
  • Reformed "Fervor": Reformed nations can gain and spend fervor points on a Military, Diplomatic and Trade bonus

Free features

  • Rivals
  • Policies
    • New Policy Interface under Missions and Decisions Tab
    • Completing two full Idea Groups unlocks several Policies
    • Activating a policy gives bonuses but costs 1 monarch point per month of a specific type.
    • Several old decisions now converted to policies
  • New Trade Conflict CB given by Justify Trade Conflict
  • Ticking warscore from blockades
  • New Colonial Region Australia
  • Now possible to easily detach obsolete ships with one button
  • Improved Macro-builder Interface
  • Now possible to Build cores, Change Culture and do Harsh Treatment from the Macro-builder Interface
  • Now possible to change role of trader without travel time
  • Added New ships, Great Frigate, War Galley, Galiot, Brig and Trabakul
  • Added three religions, Coptic (Christianity), Ibadi (Islam), and Sikh (Sikhism). Coptic (Ethiopia) and Ibadi (Oman) are present from the 1444 start, Sikh will appear later.
  • Modifiers such as Estuary now shown on map in Trade Mapmode.
  • Now possible to form the nations Flag of Egypt Egypt, Flag of Bukhara Bukhara and Flag of Kurland Kurland.
  • Administrative efficiency is a new country wide bonus that is unlocked at administrative technology level 23 and increases at 26 and 29, up to a total of 75%. Administrative Efficiency directly reduces the impact of province base tax on overextension and warscore cost, allowing for much larger territories to be conquered at once.
  • The scaling of core time from country size has been removed - all nations now core provinces at the same speed regardless of size (but it is still affected by factors such as culture, religion, having a claim and so on).
  • New Launcher with Steamworks support, subscribe to the mods in steam and the launcher will update accordingly.
  • Buildable Canals: Now possible to build the Kiel Canal, the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal. (Originally contained in the DLC)

Dev diaries

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All developer diaries about the Wealth of Nations expansion and patch 1.6.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 General Information Introduction & design goals 2014-03-20
2 Trade Improvements New trade mechanics 2014-03-27
3 Naval Improvement New naval mechanics 2014-04-03
4 Companies and Canals Trade company mechanics & buildable canals 2014-04-10
5 Religion New religion mechanics 2014-04-17
6 Improved Diplomacy New rival system & trade related CBs 2014-04-24
7 Free Features #1 Lots of features expanded in the 1.6 patch 2014-05-06
8 Free Features #2 Interface improvements (esp. Macro Build Interface) 2014-05-08
9 Policies & Ideas & More Policies added & expanded climate mechanics 2014-05-15
10 Balance Changes Changes and improvements to mechanics and balance in 1.6 patch 2014-05-22