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Golden Century.png Golden Century
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Release date / Patch
2018-12-11 / 1.28

Store: Immersion pack
Europa Universalis IV: Golden Century features as summarized in the release trailer.
Europa Universalis IV: Golden Century first look with "DDRJake"and "RodDel" (PDX community manager).

Golden Century is the 3rd immersion pack for EU4. It was announced on 2018-11-21 and is released on 2018-12-11[1]. Its release coincides with patch 1.28.

Expansion features

  • Minority Expulsion: Settle your distant colonies with homeland minorities, promoting greater cohesion at home, while adding more diversity to your subject nations.
  • Establish Orders: Iberian nations can appoint Jesuit, Franciscan or Dominican clerics to govern their states to reduce unrest or ease conversion.
  • New Mission Trees: New missions and objectives for the nations of Iberia and Northwest Africa, including Spain and Andalusia.
  • Pirate Republics: Play as or combat against pirate nations in dangerous sea zones, with their own flavor and game style.
  • Flagships: Appoint a Flagship to lead your navy, adding combat and trade power to your fleets.
  • Naval Barrage: Use your ships to help besiege coastal forts by bombarding the walls.

The immersion pack comes with a content pack containing:

  • Golden Century Music Pack: 10 minutes of original music inspired by the discovery of the New World.

Free features

  • An extensive rework of the game maps of Iberia, Northwest Africa and Mexico.
  • New updated generic missions for Maghrebi nations.

Dev diaries

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All developer diaries about the Golden Century immersion pack, patch 1.28 (aka Spain), and patch 1.29 (aka Manchu).

Patch 1.29 (Manchu)
No. Title and Link Description Date
16 Fantastic Bits and where to find them Promised dev diary explaining results of upgrading to 64-bit 2019-02-19
17 The Manchu - 1.29 Free Update Changes to Manchuria, Ming, and much of East Asia 2019-08-27
18 Manchus, Mongols, Missions and Maps A closer look at the changes in Manchuria and Mongolia 2019-09-03
19 Final Manchu Update Japan, Korea, Central Asia and Everything Else 2019-09-10
20 The Manchu Update Release notes for the 1.29 Manchu update 2019-09-16
21 Launching the new launcher! The Paradox launcher to be added to EU4 2019-09-16
22 Post Manchu Update Feedback on the 1.29 Manchu update 2019-09-24
Patch 1.28 (Spain)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Iberian and North African Map Changes neondt covers the long-awaited Iberian and North African map update. 2018-10-09
2 AI Updates mikesc covers the new AI improvements and scripting abilities for modders. 2018-10-16
3 Holy Orders and Colonial Diversity Establishing Holy Orders, Expulsion of Minorities, new provinces and colonial regions. 2018-10-23
4 Two new features Naval barrage, flagships, and re-balancing idea groups. 2018-10-30
5 New missions and idea group New missions and national ideas for Iberian nations. 2018-11-06
6 Maghreb nations New focus on content for the nations of the Maghreb and Catholic Iberia. 2018-11-13
7 Pirate Republics Pirate Republic government type and mechanics. 2018-11-20
8 Content pack Eye candy stuff by DDRJake. 2018-11-27
9 Achievements and the feedback process New achievements and addressing player feedback 2018-12-04
10 Golden Century Feedback & Changes Integration of older DLC mechanics into the base game 2018-12-06
11 Patchnotes for 1.28 Update A sneak peek at Golden Century's and update 1.28 patch notes 2018-12-10
12 A look at this year and the future A summary of the year, about forum suggestions, and the road ahead. 2018-12-18
13 Thoughts on bugfix patch 1.28.3 Highlights from the bugfix patch and some more user suggestions 2019-01-22
14 Upcoming 1.28.3 patch changelog Changelog for the 1.28.3 bugfix patch and information on monthly free trials for DLC 2019-01-29
15 A short update Review of 1.28.3, end of Mandate of Heaven free trial and EU4 upgrading to 64-bit in next update 2019-02-05