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Cradle of Civilization.png Cradle of Civilization
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Release date / Patch
2017-11-16 / 1.23

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Europa Universalis IV: Cradle of Civilization expansion feature spotlight by EU4's game director Jake "DDRJake" Leiper-Ritchie.

Cradle of Civilization is the 11th expansion for Europa Universalis IV. It was announced on 2017-10-03[1]. It was released on 2017-11-16[2]. The expansion coincides with Patch 1.23.

Expansion features

  • New Governments: Powerful decisions related to each of the special government types of the Middle East, including unique mechanics for the Egyptian Mamluk Government, Persian Theocracy, Tribal Federations, and the heirs to Timur.
  • Trade Policies: Activate your merchants in trade nodes for special missions – promote profiteering, espionage, military, diplomacy, and religion propagation.
  • Islamic Schools: The wide range of Muslim disciplines offer unique perks to their disciples and transforms international relations across the Middle East.
  • Army Professionalism: Drill and discipline your armies as you move from the age of mercenary captains to the mass levies of standing armies.
  • Exploit Development: Reduce the strength of your provinces for a quick influx of cash or manpower, stripping your nation's future for immediate gain.
  • Iqta Taxes: Muslim governments can impose new taxes every 20 years for special bonuses.
  • Ability to directly convert your subjects' provinces to your subjects' State religion[3]
  • Ability to promote the rank of an advisor.
  • And more: Changes to national ideas, missionary actions, Turkish Janissaries and many other game mechanics.

Free features

  • 5 new trade goods: Livestock, Incense, Glass, Paper, and Gems.
  • Reworked map setup in the Middle-East.
  • Addition of religion and culture to the courtroom (for ruler, heir, consort, and advisors).
  • New ideas.
  • 2 new buildings.
  • 20 new achievements

Dev diaries

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All developer diaries about the Cradle of Civilization expansion, patch 1.23 (aka Persia) and patch 1.24 (aka Japan).

Patch 1.24 (Japan)
No. Title and Link Description Date
18 Japan and the Philippines Additional provinces and tags for Japan while the Philippines receive an overhaul 2017-11-28
19 Performance and balance changes Late game performance improvements and military balance changes 2017-12-05
20 Japan Update Changelog Changelog for the 1.24 Japan update. 2017-12-12
21 The 2017 Christmas wrapper A look at 2017 and overview of the EU4 team 2017-12-19
Patch 1.23 (Persia)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Near East Facelift Changes in the Arabia and Egypt regions for update 1.23 2017-08-01
2 Anatolia and the Caucasus Map and general setup changes coming for the Caucasus and Anatolia regions as part of the 1.23 patch 2017-08-08
3 The Greater Iranian Region Changes in the Persian super-region and new trade goods to be introduced in patch 1.23 2017-08-15
4 Army Drills A partial overview of the new setup of trade goods and a peek at the new Army drill mechanic 2017-08-22
5 Army Professionalism Armies get expanded upon with a new professionalism level while marching into more "modern" times 2017-08-29
6 Trade Policies Use trade policies to promote profiteering, espionage, diplomacy and religion propagation. 2017-09-05
7 Piety and Muslim Schools Islam changes move piety between the Mysticism/Legalism extremes and introduces the Muslim Schools of Law 2017-09-12
8 Tribal Federations New government mechanics for Tribal Federations infuse changes to the Turkmen sheep nations in the Middle East 2017-09-19
9 The Persia Update A closer look on the changes at the Persian region and introduction of the new Feudal Theocracy government 2017-09-26
10 Ottomans Extended Restoring the Sultanate of Rûm gains access to the Ottoman Government, itself extended with Pashas and Jannisaries 2017-10-03
11 Cultures and Religions The addition of cultures and religions to the courtroom as well as special interactions for Mamluk and Iqta governments 2017-10-10
12 Startup, Missionaries and Modding Startup screens will detail the nation's situation at game start, missionaries can help in subject lands, and Groogy on extending support for modders. 2017-10-17
13 Military tidbits and AI updates A military mixed-bag of features along with parting words from Gnivom, EU4's AI programmer, accompanied by an overview of future AI improvements and any AI cheats present in 1.23 2017-10-24
14 MP streamlined MP gets several issues sorted with 1.23 - expect a more smooth experience. 2017-10-31
15 Additions and achievements Achievements for patch 1.23 revealed along with the last features of the Cradle of Civilization expansion. 2017-11-07
16 Persia Update Patch Notes A sneak preview of the 1.23 Persia patch notes 2017-11-14
17 Post Release Patch Post release bug-support in the short term and and some planned enhancements in the mid-term 2017-11-21